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iPhone users downloaded Zoom and ‘Among Us’ more than any other apps this year

These were Apple’s most popular games and apps of 2020. Spotify and TikTok dropped their year-end lists, as well.

by Nicole Lyn Pesce
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Smart moves to boost your savings even with low interest rates

Yes, your savings may be earning smaller yields, but with a little time and attention, there are still ways to eke out growth.

by Margarette Burnette
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Options Trading Is More Popular Than Ever Despite the Risks

Traders are buying and selling stock options at a record pace. WSJ explains how call and put contracts work, and why they carry hidden risks for amateur investors. Illustration: Zoe Soriano for the Wall Street Journal

by WSJ Video
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Keep the spirit of Thanksgiving alive with a cranberry liqueur

A small New York distillery offers the seasonal fruit in boozy form.

by Charles Passy
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Good news: Thanksgiving dinner is the cheapest it’s been in 10 years

Buying turkey and the trimmings to feed 10 will cost less than $5 per plate, Farm Bureau says.

by Nicole Lyn Pesce