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What is an index fund?

Here's what you need to know if you're considering this popular investment vehicle.

by rbisdale
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It’s ‘no fun’ to be a small fund manager most of the time, Jan van Eck says — but right now is an exception

The scion of a family firm founded on commodities mutual funds reflects on its rotation into exchange-traded funds, how to offer investors access to the asset class safely, and much more.

by Andrea Riquier
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A surge in streaming for golden oldies has benefited one savvy investor

Golden oldies are offering locked down music lovers social connectedness in lockdown and paying dividends as a result

by Archie Mitchell
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If you could buy only one stock ETF, this would be it — and it doesn’t track the S&P 500

This internet ETF has outperformed not only the S&P 500 and Dow Jones Industrial Average, but also the Nasdaq.

by Nigam Arora
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These are just some of the ways ETFs and index funds are making financial markets more unstable

Investors with indexed portfolios are vulnerable to increasing market volatility, writes Satyajit Das.

by Satyajit Das
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Now we know: ETFs have made the investing world a better place

Exchange traded funds used to be tied to higher volatility and even fraud. It’s worth remembering their advantages.

by Jared Dillian
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Twitter, Walmart, Equifax and others dropped by S&P from its ESG index, while Costco is newly included

S&P Global Inc. said Wednesday that it kicked out big-name companies and added others to its sustainable version of its bellwether S&P 500 index, a move that will impact a growing swath of investments tied to the benchmark.

by Dieter Holger
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A low-volatility straggler gets an upgrade as defensive sectors look more attractive

The defensive weighting of the Invesco S&P 500 Low Volatility ETF makes it a winner, CFRA says.

by Andrea Riquier
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A loyalty program for mutual funds? Fidelity tries something new

A new offering from Fidelity Investments inhabits a gray areas amid the market shift, and suggests that there’s more life left in the mutual fund space than ETF-watchers might realize.

by Andrea Riquier
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Target-date funds are failing those on the cusp of retirement

Market selloff underscores how having 50% in stocks is too risky for people who are retiring now.

by Howard Gold