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Coronavirus Recovery Tracker

Published: May 8, 2020 8:30 a.m. ET

The economy has been decimated by the coronavirus pandemic. The recovery will take months or years. This tool is designed to help visualize the economy's road back to normal after the coronavirus crisis by tracking unemployment, consumer confidence and other key signs of economic well-being.

The U.S. has a long way to go to restore its health. The unemployment rate has surged to the highest level on record from just 3.5% before the crisis. The amount of gasoline used has tumbled almost by half as people stopped driving. As states reopen, MarketWatch is tracking the recovery through a half-dozen weekly indicators that tell us how much progress the economy is making. President Trump has vowed the U.S. will take off like a “rocket ship” by the fall, but many economists contend a full recovery could take until at least 2022. Or longer.

Millions of unemployed

The number of people collecting jobless benefits registered just 1.7 million before the pandemic. A rebound can’t truly get underway until people are able to go back to work and continuing claims recede from a record high.
Millions of unemployed chart

Confidence in the economy

Optimism has suffered a record plunge. Until Americans feel safer from the virus and return to their jobs, they won't regain confidence and spend normally. That will slow any recovery.
Confidence in the economy chart

Fueling up at the pump

Gasoline producers have slashed production as stay-at-澳门拉斯维加斯app下载home orders caused Americans to drive less. More people driving longer distances would be a strong sign of economic recovery.
Fueling up at the pump chart

Shopping at retailers

Large retail chains and mom-and-pop stores alike got walloped by the coronavirus. Sales nosedived when most stores closed. Social distancing is likely to keep many people away when stores reopen. How fast they return is critical for the economy.
Shopping at retailers chart

Flying on airplanes

U.S. airports have a haunted look with so few passengers. International flights are likely to be restricted for a while, but a steady increase in domestic travel would suggest Americans feel safer and more confident in the economy.
Flying on airplanes chart

Buying a house

The coronavirus derailed a surging real estate market. 澳门拉斯维加斯app下载home buyers won’t return in droves and make the biggest purchase of their lives unless they still have a job, can get a loan and feel safe enough to go to open houses.
Buying a house chart